“Water may turn out to be the biggest commodity story of the 21st century, as declining supply and rising demand decreases combine to create the proverbial “perfect storm.” – Water: The Perfect Storm, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (2010)

Scott Williamson, CEO of Capstone Metering capped off a successful week at CES this year by highlighting the need for new cellular networks such as AT&T’s LTE-M currently being piloted in the Bay Area and scheduled to launch nationwide in 2017. This new network will provide broader coverage areas, more efficient power consumption and lower device costs all of which will be required in order to advance Smart Cities of the future.

During the presentation Scott pointed to Smart Cities of the future that utilize the patented Capstone IntelliH2O® TrueWater meter and the IntelliH2O® WMA Water Management Application connected on the LTE-M network that collect, analyze and present IoT data to the utility; reducing overall operational costs, improve customer service, reduce maintenance costs and improve employee safety by actively monitoring each meter location for pressure, backflow, leaks, temperature, high flow, tampering, battery and temperature. Additionally each location can even be remotely shutoff for customer nonpayment issues and public safety concerns saving on labor and reducing the environmental impact on the carbon footprint with less truck rolls.