About Us

Capstone Metering LLC (“Capstone”) is a Texas-based technology company that produces water meters and software applications that allow utilities to manage water as never before.

Founded in 2006 by a team of individuals rich in wireless technology coupled with a solid background in water industry experience, Capstone’s roots lie in the development of remote, distributed wireless communications networks for the Department of Defense. Capstone Metering was created to further enhance the research and development of metering products and to further protect the patent rights.

Capstone’s flagship product is the IntelliH2O® intelligent water meter which is now in production and is deployed in several locations in Texas and Oklahoma. Rather than adding communication capabilities to a dumb meter to create a reporting network, Capstone started with a self-reliant, sensor-rich, communications platform designed for a remote, distributed network and incorporated an electro-mechanical meter and valve that can be controlled by centralized, analytical management software.

The IntelliH2O  intelligent meter has these features:


The IntelliH2O® Water Management Application is a robust cloud-based water management solution that fully integrates with the suite of IntelliH2O® meters. The application may be accessed via desktop, laptop or tablet  and offers an industry-leading suite of features including management of the IntelliH2O® devices with a few clicks, remote on/off of the device and monitoring/alerting capabilities.While still in the Research and Development phase, the IntelliH2O® was awarded the General Electric “Ecomagination Award”, the only water conservation product to receive the award.


The IntelliH2O® was published as “a revolutionary water meter” in The Advanced Smart Grid. In 2011, Capstone, in partnership with Honeywell Business Solutions, successfully completed a pilot program in Ponca City, OK. Capstone also signed a joint development agreement with JSR Micro, a Japanese corporation that builds power storage devices.


In 2012, Capstone received its first international patent. Capstone has a total of five design and provisional patents and 11 patent applications pending at this time. Capstone has signed an agreement with Verizon Wireless for the development of a cell module for the IntelliH2O® wireless water meter that will enable it to connect via cellular. No other water meter has this capability. Capstone has also signed a partnership agreement with Government Capital to assist municipalities and water districts with funding needs for the purchase of the IntelliH2O® Water Management System.


water-iqAfter much research and development, Capstone has entered the market in 2013 with a strong product that has been designed to meet the needs of its customers, to support water conservation and to provide new information and analytics never before captured by a water metering system.


Capstone’s future plans also include the expansion of its suite of water meters to include larger sizes. The company is a full solutions provider to its customers continually focusing on new capabilities.